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Oriental Group of Educational Institutions (OGEI) one of the Top Hotel Management College in Kerala spread over 28 acres of land in three different campuses is located at Lakkidi and Vythiri, Wayanad District of Kerala on the NH 212. It is owned and managed by the Malabar Hotel Management & Catering Promotion Trust (MHMCPT) – a charitable trust formed with an intention of promoting the Hospitality and Tourism industry and promoting quality education in Hospitality management and allied management studies.

It is amongst the select few premier institutes in India which practices what it preaches. Students undergo real life training programmes incorporated in their day to day activity to facilitate their on the job training. The College Management owns and operates a 5 star facility Resort (The Vythiri Village Resort) with 2000 seater convention centre adjacent to the Vythiri campus. Students are the key force behind the operations of all the resorts. The students actively participate in all major conferences, conventions, seminars and food festivals organised at the resorts. The group’s first venture- a Hospitality Management Institution, Oriental School of Hotel Management (OSHM), one of the Top Hotel Management College in Kerala,Lakkidi came into existence in the year 1995. The campus is spread over 10 acres of land and the institute block has a built up area of 90,000 sq. ft. which manifests the glint of architectural beauty. Located atop the ghat section on Calicut-Ooty-Mysore-Bangalore highway at Lakkidi, the land of greenery, spice scented breeze, mist clapped mountains, salubrious climate, hypnotizing scenic beauty, OSHM is just 55 kilometres from Calicut city. Every detail at the Institute has been designed to give students an atmosphere of learning and a feeling of being at home.

Students all across the country and from abroad attend the programme and make this Institution an ideal setting for cross- cultural exchanges.OSHM has been adjudged as the “Best Hotel Management Institute” for five times by the Tourism department, Government of Kerala and is a pioneer in the field of Hotel Management education in Kerala. The second venture, Oriental College of Hotel Management & Culinary Arts, situated at Vythiri with a total built up area of 150,000 sq. ft. came into existence in the year 2009.

The campus is surrounded by picturesque hills, and is nested at height of 3000 ft. above the sea level and is a conducive location for studying Hotel Management courses . The 5 star facilities Resort- Vythiri Village is located adjacent to this Institution where students are exposed to the nuances of administration and management at the operational level. Students immensely benefit in terms of acquiring Industrial knowledge and assimilating management of Hotel operations by being directly involved the day-to-day operations of the deluxe resort. Oriental Group of Hotel Management Institutions is the largest in India in terms of infrastructure and student strength with all modern facilities that a Hospitality management education Institute can think of. Oriental Institute ,Top Hotel Management College in Kerala for Management Studies situated at Lakkidi was instituted in the year 2013 with the aim of offering a broad range of career to the students in the Management and IT sectors.Its sprawling campus has several units including the Main Block housing the Management Institute with classrooms, training Laboratories, libraries, administrative offices, and the hostels.

Oriental group ,Top Hotel Management College in Kerala has been prepared to meet the exacting standards of modern hospitality education. Facility at the institute are designed to provide the students the best education and training possible in the field, keeping in mind the all round development of the student. It is amongst the select few Premier Hotel Management Colleges in India which practices what it preaches. Students have on hand real life training programme incorporated in their day to day activity to facilitate their on the job training. The College Management owns and operates a 5 star facility Resort (The Vythiri Village Resort ) and a 3 Star Resort (The Greeshmam Resort) adjacent to the College campuses. Students are the key force behind these operations. The students actively participate in all major conferences, conventions, seminars and food festivals organised at the resorts. An ongoing 5 star resort project, scheduled to open by September 2009 is adjacent to these group of institutes.

Kerala is better known as “God’s own country”. Travellers around the world journeyed to this paradise to trade and to gain control over this rich and blessed land. Even during the period of Solomon the Great, (BC. 1000) the Malabar Coast of Kerala was a known trade centre. The lush green landscapes that rise from the coastal plains and the misty hills where tea, coffee, cardamom, cocoa and rubber plantations nurture the greens to a denser monsoon washed forest palette are fascinating feast to the eyes. The rich wild life, splendid festivals, exotic handicrafts, serene backwaters, sandy beaches – Kerala is the land of plenty and prosperity. The historical importance of Kerala is noted with the arrival of the first European Vasco De Gama at Calicut in 1498. This was the first state in India to be declared 100% literate. Hospitality to people from outside is a culture and tradition here. People of all religious, political and cultural faith live here in perfect harmony. Whether a traveller, businessman, tourist or student – Kerala is fascinating inch by inch, day by day.

Four industries that have been showing phenomenal growth over the past years are Medicine, Engineering, Tourism and Information Technology (IT). These industries have been growing at about four times faster than the estimated growth throwing the doors wide open for any qualified job aspirant in the field. Trained candidates are so much in short supply that for every student passing out, there are 3 to 4 vacancies available in the industry. Today, tourism is the fastest growing world industry employing more people than any other business entity. With the advancement of technology the whole world is becoming one big city. The development of road, rail, sea and air transport has made it possible for millions to explore and enjoy the planet. In addition to positions in hotel Industry, lucrative managerial opportunities exist in a wide spectrum of areas like entertainment complexes, theme parks, cruise liners, sporting events, conferences, expositions, meetings etc. all around the world. The flourishing aviation industry opens up a whole world of opportunity before hospitality professionals. These really show the bright future of hospitality industry across the planet. When technical skills are what matters in Medical, Engineering and IT fields, personal touch to the mastered technical skills helps a student to grow to greater heights in hospitality industry. An assured job, secured life, glamorous profession, respected career, opportunity for growth, international recognition, handsome pay packet, job satisfaction… if these are what a student looks for, training in hospitality industry is his gateway to such a career. Only motivated, well educated, rigorously trained individuals can meet the demands of the increasingly complex hospitality industry. A successful host must be competent in modern management practices and commercial tactics and be able to understood the psychology of human relations. Even when the world economy is showing a sluggish growth with uncertain employment prospects, the fast growing dynamic hospitality industry is heralding a pivotal change in career options with an exciting variety of career choices. At OSHM we not only equip our students for a successful career but also help them to think in a wider perspective combining cultural, social, ethical, geographic and religious issues.

Come to Lakkidi near Vythiri bordering Calicut and Wayanad districts of north Kerala. Mist-clad mountains, far stretching valley, spice scented breeze – Lakkidi is salubrious. The hypnotizing scenic beauty of Lakkidi with the close-by natural lake cools down anyone. Heaven and earth meet here at 3000ft. above sea level. One would really feel that the skies come down to embrace the earth and trees, hundreds of years old, stretch up to touch the sky. Nature flourishes unhindered by man. The never ending plantations-tea, coffee, cardamom, cocoa – made ever green by nature and hard working villagers give memories to be cherished ever. Kerala – the land of moral values, culture, tradition, strong family relations, hospitality… Lakkidi – exhilarating nature, cool, calm and fascinating. Mist-clad mountains, far stretching valley, spice scented breeze – Lakkidi is salubrious. The hypnotizing scenic beauty with the close-by natural lake cools down anyone. . This is the setting for one of the best hotel management institutes in Asia, where students from all over India and from abroad study hospitality, inculcate values and prepare for the career of the millennium.


N K Mohammed Chairman & Managing Trustee - MHMCPT

” It is with profound pleasure that I welcome you to Oriental Group of Educational  Institutions.

The vision behind starting these institutes is to give best education in hospitality industry to deserving students with affordable fees. The institutes are committed to quality at every level. The parents who send their wards to this institute, the students who study here for a career and the industry that offers placement to passed out students – everyone can be sure of quality.

That could be one reason why all our students (100%) are getting selected year after year through campus recruitments even before they completed their studies. If you are committed to hospitality industry, willing to get trained and are ambitious to grow to greater heights, welcome to Oriental Group of Hotel Management Institutions and leave the rest to us.”

-N.K. Mohamed


To impart consistent, quality education of Hotel Operations and Management practices essential to those envisaging leadership roles in hotel industry.

To advance the frontiers of knowledge in the spirit of excellence and uphold its socio-environmental commitment.

To offer equal opportunity to its students of international and diverse background, providing opportunities for academic and professional success through the development of social and technical skills.

To inculcate in student a respect for ethical and moral values as well as a sence of business, entrepreneurship and professional responsibilities in the international hospitality context.

To emphasize the development of new methodologies and technologies applied to education and training, in order to improve lifelong learning.

To foster international collaboration in education and training across national borders

To provide a forum where individual, corporation, institution, governments and associations involved can engage in professional enhancement and interaction.