What Are The Prospects After Completing A Course In Hotel Management?

Ans: A course in hotel management not only prepares you for the ever-growing Hospitality sector which is an important segment of tourism industry but also makes a person flexible for any segment of service sectors like insurance, banking, telecommunications and retail besides being much sought after in the Core hospitality units like Hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise liners etc. There are millions of people who have made Hospitality a way of life.

What Will Be My Salary On Completing A Course In Hotel Management?

Ans: It depends on the company and the position the company has on offer. Almost all hotel companies have management trainee, operational trainee programmes which are offering salaries commensurate with qualification. The normal range of Stipend for Management Trainees is between 12,000 to 18,000 p.m.

How Many Years Will It Take For Me To Become A G.M Or Reach The Top Level Position In A Hotel?

Ans: Exact time and duration cannot be ascertained as it is totally personal and individual performance that determines a persons success in this very demanding industry. Hard work, dedication and commitment are required to reach the top and it is very common to find people as young as 35 years old occupying the G.M’s chair or holding the position of a CEO. No two cases are similar in the industry.

What Are The Career / Departmental Options On Completing A Course In Hotel Management?

Ans: The core departments in a hotel are Food Production (Kitchen), Food and Beverage Service, Front Office Management and Housekeeping. Besides pursuing a career in one of the above mentioned departments of a hotel, hospitality professionals are much in demand in Retail, Customer care, Telecommunications, IT enabled services etc. A hospitality professional is in high demand as he is sought after by all service related companies because of the training which he/she receives.

Why Do I Have To Study So Many Subjects In Hotel Management?

Ans: The ultimate aim of the course is to enable the candidate reach the top position in the Hotel industry. As a General Manager he/she is required to know the basics of hotel engineering, food laws, hotel accounting, nutritional facts, computer applications and be flexible to information and relevant trends. So besides the core subjects, the candidate must be in a position to grasp and understand the importance of additional or ancillary topics.

What Makes A Student Successful In This Program/Field?

Ans: Successful students, beyond being actively involved in the classrooms and labs, and have good academic results, are involved in the hospitality industry. Through the program they have the opportunity to be involved in various clubs, associations, out door caterings and many special events offered through the school. Successful students demonstrate strong communication (writing and speaking), as well as excellent interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills.